Laser Skin Tightening

After about the age of 25, not only do we stop producing collagen like we once did, but it begins to take an unyielding decline. By around age 30, we are steadily losing 1-2% of our total collagen amounts each year. In addition to this loss, the elastin bonds responsible for your skin’s youthful springiness begin to move farther and farther apart. Right around this time is when those first signs of aging will start rearing its head. Fine lines, dullness, lax or loose skin… We’ve seen it all (and treated it all!). Whether you’re using it to prevent or treat, Deep Dermal Tightening will deliver you the results you want.

This skin tightening treatment uses light and heat energy from the Nd: YAG technology to create a uniform, compounded heating effect deep in the dermis. This gentle heating tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen. When the energy penetrates deep into the skin to target the underlying connective tissue, it causes an immediate tightening of the skin which lasts for a few weeks after treatment. After a few weeks, the long term effects will start settling in as fibroblasts in your skin are signaled to produce new, healthy collagen leading to the tightening and lifting of the neck, jawline or jowls.

The number of treatments usually recommended is 4-6. You will however begin to see results prior to finishing the series of treatments. Before and after pictures are taken to see improvements of the skin. With this treatment you will experience some heat to the area but overall it’s very comfortable and relaxing. Along with having no downtime, throughout the treatment you’ll feel a slight warming sensation, but it won’t make it feel hot or uncomfortable.

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Per Treatment $180
3 Treatments
6 Treatments
Maintenance Prices Available